Friday, July 22, 2011

Momentarily Summer

Yesterday the wind was so stiff you could see whitecaps on the Strait from all the way back here. Today the air is mild and still, the sun is shining. The Port Angeles dual view—Strait one way, Olympics the other— is doing its job in a hazy way. Am putting containers in the car: someday soon there will be blackberries on the roadsides.

The north reaches of Olympic National Park: Klahane Ridge, Mount Angeles, Hurricane Hill, Unicorn Peak (Click for larger image.)
Strait of Juan de Fuca: Salt Water View, Zoomed in the Way My Eyes Always Do (Click for larger image.)

If it stays like this, I will have to go out to the ocean when I leave the Elwha this afternoon. Checking tidetables, forecast, webcams (1)(2). Bringing books, snacks.

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