Thursday, June 16, 2011

Melting Proceeds Apace (and Other News)

Remote sensing, not eyewitness report: it is suddenly rapidly melting, up on the Ridge. The grass has not turned green yet, but any day now...

At the Waterhole SnoTel, halfway between the Visitor Center and Obstruction Point. (Click for larger image.)
The Hurricane Ridge WebCam (Click for larger image.)

In other news, the Research Coordinator for the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary looked at the pictures I took of the (dead) marine mammal at Rialto Beach on Sunday. He's a marine mammal guy by training, and he says it is definitely a Steller sea lion.

Leaving at dawn tomorrow to go see my ma in Florida.

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wayne said...

Oh, you are going to be well gone by the time you get this. I hope the weather is good in Fla and that all is well with your family.