Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Re-Mapping the Drive-Around

Driving route from Rialto Beach to La Push. You can see the school and the old coast guard station readily from Rialto Beach, it looks like it's Just Over There. Which in fact it is if you have a boat. The blue line on the map is much easier to see here than in previous view: Live link here so you can play with it:

Driving map, showing road and beaches (Click for larger image.)

MP just emailed from Mendocino to say, "The whales are supposed to be passing in great numbers. Tomorrow I will see them." Well then, if great numbers of gray whales are off Mendocino, those whales aren't here yet, so I haven't Not-Seen them yet. So will keep trying. :-)

Map showing context, here to there:

Blogging question: shall I go back and put the new, more-legible, driving map in Friday's post... Um, yeah.

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