Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where I'm Going

Long weekend in another country. Arriving mostly by land, well, except for the ferry ride from Port Townsend, and the bridge over Deception Pass...

... (Click for larger image.)


Miriam Sagan said...

Hope you had fun!

Sky said...

You have to be the busiest, jet-setting person I "virtually" know! Hope you had a good trip to Canada.

BTW - Island Adventures is a fabulous whale cruising outfit out of Anacortes except for when they sail out of Everett for the grays in spring. Very rare for them not to find the whales and you get a rain check if that ever should happen. We sail with them yearly, sometimes more than once a year. They begin the Orca season this weekend now that the grays are pretty much gone. Huge comfy boat with snack bar, large bathroom, and comfy seats inside and out. 2 decks if you want to climb up top.