Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Ships, Lots of Ships

If I use 5th Street/Tumwater Road to head downtown, I'm looking directly at Terminal 3, the T-pier, as I come down the hill. Last week there was a log ship loading. But it was gone again in day or two. The last 3 log ships that I noticed stopped only briefly, took on a partial load, and went elsewhere to finish filling up. Whereas in November Portland Bay picked up its whole load here, till it was brimful of logs and waddled off to Inchon, Korea.

Even without the log ship, there seemed to be ships everywhere, the harbor and the Strait just aswarm with ships, on Saturday.

March 5, 2011. Polar Adventure at Terminal 1. The 'No Photography' sign has reappeared, or perhaps never left. (Click for larger image.)

The two submarine escort vessels were there, side by side as almost always, but it's a different pair. HOS Eagleview and HOS Arrowhead. Surprise! I've always assumed anytime I saw the pair they were Silverstar and Gemstone, even when I couldn't read their markings. Nope. When we saw them out on the Strait with a submarine, from Salt Creek Park the weekend of the field trip, it was likely these two. For all I know it's been these two for years--they don't appear on the ship trackers, and are rarely close enough to read.

HOS Eagleview and HOS Arrowhead(Click for larger image.)

From out on the Hook, across the Strait for a while the lighthouse at Race Rocks west of Victoria was gleaming in sunshine, its bold stripes discernable even from so far away. Here in our harbor I could see British Oak, and Alaskan Explorer. A big white yacht came by blasting streams of water (why?).

Yacht in coming into the harbor... (Click for larger image.)

On the Strait, much less familiar ships—the Alaskans, the Polars, and good old British Oak are often here— were passing nearby to pick up or drop off their pilots. The tanker Sound Reliance, inbound.

Sound Reliance (Click for larger image.)

The tanker King Darius and freighter CSAV Venezuela outbound. King Darius is en route to the Bahamas, which is a little hard to imagine, carting a load of Anacortes oil that far...

CSAV Venezuela (Click for larger image.)

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