Monday, January 10, 2011


I keep going down to the harbor, in between going to work and otherwise resettling into my life. Today I meant to try to get to the ocean after a couple of hours at the tribe, but it's freezy and snowflaky out there, and more to come. Forecast #fail: it was supposed to be sunny today.

Saturday and Sunday it was intermittently very clear out, water horizons a hard blue line, and downtown Victoria seeming no further than arm's length distance.

Victoria Across the Strait, January 10 (Click for larger image.)

Sunday evening out on the Hook, the two submarine escort vessels (Silverstar and Gemstone, probably, though I couldn't read them) were moored at the Coast Guard station. Does this mean they won't park in the open at the terminal any more? Or was there just not room for them?

Looking at the Sub Escort Vessels. Not Intending to Be Arty, Just the Only Angle I Could Get on Them, January 10 (Click for larger image.)

Friday evening, I discovered a new sign down at the docks, forbidding photographs. Excuse me? I'm not inclined to pay attention but can't know what attitude to strike until I know who sez so. Afraid to inquire. If it's Homeland Security, they might get agité were I to ignore them.

Sierra at the Terminal, January 7 (Click for larger image.)

Overseas Martinez at the T-pier, January 7 (Click for larger image.)

Harbor View, January 6 (Click for larger image.)

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