Monday, January 10, 2011

And... Oden Is About to Arrive at McMurdo

Sailwx shows the icebreaker Oden, off Cape Royds, about to finish opening the passage to the US base at McMurdo. What the sailwx maps do not make clear is that the Ross Sea is mostly covered by the Ross Ice Shelf, and that the icebreaker forges a channel through annual sea ice to open the way for the supply ship (and maybe some cruise ships, oh if only I could, oh my)...

... (Click for larger image.)

The retreat of the sea ice is proceeding fast. Cold and Dry and Far South
says that they can see to open water from McMurdo already, but not yet see Oden.

Hunting blogs to follow this year. In addition to Cold and Dry, and South Pole Serian, also there is also SSEC's On the Ice. More????

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