Monday, November 15, 2010


Under the sea/ under the sea/ darling it's better/ down where it's wetter/ take it from me.

Sundry websites sort of look right for our sponge, but not exactly: (1)(2)(3). Glove sponge Neoesperiopsis digitata , or Orange Finger Sponge Neoesperiopsis rigida. Maybe. thanks Andy Lamb for identifying their glove sponge. I looked in his book. Andy Lamb says that rigida is branched apically, and digitata is branched laterally. Had I known to notice (and had any idea what it means), I could have looked more closely, or at least taken a better photograph.

Neoesperiopsis, probably

Beginning to see invertebrate life as it washes up on the beach has made the ocean three dimensional for me. I'm still a beachwalker, but everything I see is just the skin of the ocean (as landscape is just the skin of the earth once you start to learn geology). Down there in the underneath—under the view, the waves, the birds in the air or paddling the surface; deeper than the creatures in the upper tidepools, who are after all still or anyway sometimes on the surface—amazing creatures are living on underwater ground invisible to us.

This post is for Sebastian the crab. Or perhaps for the late Howard Ashman, who wrote his lines.

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