Monday, November 29, 2010

Always the Same Place

Sunday, November 28, Rialto Beach. No eagles or any birds very much at all except corvids, and little flitty birds near the parking lot. The beach swept clean, all the wood and small amounts of wrack are pushed back to the edge of the forest. The tide was just past the low (but not a very low low), and coming back in.

... (Click for larger image.)

Sat on various logs and watched, and read. I love to watch the foamy edge of the water shoot up the beach face in curvy swashy forms. (But almost all the pictures have horizons so tilted they are not usable...)

Still not much surf, despite the recent storms and another approaching. It would be nice if I understood about the direction of the winds and its effect on the size of the swell. Also be nice if I understood the basic geometry of forces that makes the minus tides all happen in the dark all winter long. We all know it's so, and not just because there's so many more hours of dark :-( It's very hard to plan winter beach surveys for COASST; but WHY?

When I arrived, hardly anyone around. Later more people had figured out it was sunny on the beach, and magically appeared.

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