Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just For The Record

Hurricane Ridge WebCam (Click for larger image.)

Winter has arrived on Hurricane Ridge.

Elevation 5242'.


Quillside said...

I love how snow sounds. What a gorgeous day up there. ~ AW

Anonymous said...

Compared to previous years?

mb said...

Dunno. I have to go to Park headquarters this afternoon after work, so I'll ask how to find out when was the first major snow last year, and when they closed the Obstruction Point Road. All I meant to record in this post was how clever of AW and me to have gotten up there two weekends ago :-)

mb said...

PDN article from Nov 10, 2009, says 'first big snow' fell the day before... PDN article from Oct 25, 2009, says 'first significant snow of the season' expected the next day.