Friday, October 22, 2010

Full Arc and Double All the Way

There is a plan, made long ago, for JL and I to do the October bird survey at Hobuck Beach on Monday despite barely cooperative tides. It seems likely that the weather will not allow it.

Makah Nation and Waatch River. (So cool. Note Vancouver Island on the other side of the Strait) (Click for larger image.)Photo: Samuel M Beebe/Ecotrust, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

The Special Weather Statement says: "..A powerful storm will strike western Washington late this weekend... A potent storm will slam into the region Saturday night and Sunday... resulting in locally heavy rain and strong winds...especially on the coast. Another blast of strong winds...impacting a larger part of the possible on Monday. This storm will also generate large swells of about 25 to 30 feet Sunday afternoon...which is expected to last through Monday. This could lead to the potential for coastal flooding in areas adjacent to the Pacific such as Aberdeen."

Um, Hobuck is wide, yes, but there wouldn't be a whole lot of point in pretending to survey an under-the-waves beach from up in the grass behind the strand; and besides, the road to Neah Bay breaks more or less every year. OCNMS has a trailer out there, so we'd have a place to stay if we got stuck, but how many days might it take before we could come home??

Thursday evening, there was the most complete rainbow I've ever seen. It was almost a complete arc and double all the way, and all the colors were there. Red to ultraviolet, every bit. (The camera wasn't up for it.)

Full Arc and Double All the Way and Every Color (Click for larger image.)


Sky said...

omg, the rainbow is divine! i saw a double one on the peninsula in 2003...the ONLY one i have ever seen!

love the aerial view. thanks for sharing.

TaosJohn said...

Miriam, are you in Port Angeles proper? I'm really curious. You can email me if you want to be private about this. I finally bookmarked your blog, and the pictures are very compelling.


mb said...

Yes, right in town. Teensy water horizon of my own, between the houses and trees...