Sunday, September 12, 2010

Road Day Up, Boat Day, Road Day Back

Friday trekked across the Strait on the ferry, and drove all the way up island to Port McNeill to rendezvous with friends. Saturday we spent on the Naiad. These are the A30s. We were with them most of the day. It rained.

A30s somewhere in the Plumper Islands, I think. (Click for larger image.)
A30s off Cracroft Point, OrcaLab's observation station in the background (Click for larger image.)
By this point in the day I had lost track of where we were. Someplace beautiful and rainy, no? (Click for larger image.)

Word is, a large group of orca are headed in from the west. Everybody will be back on the boat today, but I have to head home. Before the next time I do this trip, I'm going to have learned a lot more about Vancouver Island geography and geology, to keep myself entertained for the six hours on the road. Aiming for the mid-afternoon ferry. Yikes, gotta go.


osmia said...

Somewhere beautiful, YES!

Thanks for sharing your day :)

Sky said...

we were just there from last week in aug through labor day. had hoped to go out with the mckays but pain changed those plans. :( another time...

we drove up that east coast through campbell river, cruised through the quaint telegraph cove, and had dinner in pt mcneil before driving back to parksville where we were based the first week. amazing sunrises that looked like watercolors across the bay each morning.

other days we explored the cowichan valley, chemainus, nanaimo. toward the end of our visit we drove through pt alberni and through the mts to tofino and ucluelet where we spent several days on that stunning, wild coast. black bears were foraging for food on the rocks of a tofino inlet, whales swam within view off the ucluelet shore as we ate an early dinner oceanside. we were content in our oceanfront studio watching waves, sailors, surfers, birds, and sunsets that set the sky on fire. oh, how we love vancouver island.

i keep up with the mckays via FB and see photos of their daily treasure hunts/finds there. what a life they live!

ashley said...

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