Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dearly Love To Be Sure It Was a Snowshoe Hare

Up on the Hurricane Hill trail with this week's houseguest. Changing weather, so we did not go on to Obstruction Point after our walk.

Hurricane Hill, August 9 (Click for larger image.)

Twice we saw what we think must have been a snowshoe hare. L. spotted this one under a tree next to the trail. He must have thought he was hidden, for a while he went right on eating. We didn't know to pay attention to his back feet, which would have been diagnostic if we had seen them. There are no other rabbity creatures up there on Hurricane Ridge, or in fact in the Park. I'd dearly love to be sure that snowshoe hare is what he was...

Snowshoe Hare on Hurricane Hill (Click for larger image.)

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