Wednesday, July 28, 2010

These Foggy Mornings

Houseguest coming in about 10 days. She somehow imagines that because she is traveling in August it will be warm. So I'm paying attention. Fifty degrees this morning and thick fog. Out at Elwha, still foggy at noon. Sunny now, but still or again foggy in the harbor, temperature 63 degrees.

Cliff Mass had a great image in Monday's post, so I hunted down GOES West 1 km Visible (click to enlarge and center where you want it) for right now (4PM, July 28). Cool. You can even see the wisp of local fog right here:

Afternoon image. (Click for larger image.)

I'll have to look again in the morning. Meanwhile of course it is foggy at First Beach and gloriously sunny on Hurricane Ridge, as it has been all day, since sunrise in fact.

First Beach (Click for larger image.)
Hurricane Ridge (Click for larger image.)

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