Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ships Passing

The air is so thick with moisture; even when it is sunny, the ships are hazy. Monday evening, out on the Hook, there was lots of movement, but no good photos. Ocean Highway was inbound (she's in Tacoma now), Hapag-Lloyd Ludwigshafen Express was outbound. I couldn't figure out what Corpus Christi/Petrochem Supplier was up to, she (they? barge & pusher) kept changing direction—going slowly past, headed straight at the middle of the Hook, no, sideways again—a kind of large industrial dithering that made no sense. When I left they were headed straight away though said their destination was Port Angeles. Next morning they were in the harbor, and are still there.

Bulk carrier, barge tanker, container ship; passing each other. The pilot boat is out there somewhere, though you can't see it. 07/26/10 (Click for larger image.)

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