Monday, June 07, 2010

Marmots, There Were Marmots Out

At 11 AM Monday, as I told twitter, "Hmmm. Turned up #atthecollege for a database training that seems to have been de-scheduled. Not expected back #atthetribe Hmmm..." So I went up onto Hurricane Ridge, to see with my own eyes how the melting is coming along. It's coming along. There were no flowers, the grass was greening up quite satisfactorily below the visitor center, there were marmots out, there were marmots out. Walked down the road towards the Hurricane Hill trailhead, but the hill was covered in fog.

From the Visitor Center, Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park (Click for larger image.)
Here There Be Marmots (Click for larger image.)
Deer on a Snow Bank, Pretending It's Still Winter (Click for larger image.)

OK, so you can't really see the marmot. Last year when V. was here we had one almost in our laps out at Obstruction Point, right next to the car.

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robin andrea said...

It does still look a bit wintry there. Great shots of the mountains. They look so grand and beautiful.