Saturday, May 08, 2010

Neap Tides And No Swell To Speak Of

Just sitting at my desk under (looking out at) the blue sky is quite wonderful. But I need to trek out to the Outer Coast for this month's COASST survey. (Also, MS has requested beach glass, which I'm not all that likely to find, last weekend being a fluke.) Next weekend will be with family.

The news from the Ocean Prediction Center: boring (Click for larger image.)

Sitting at my desk also means watching the action at Eyjafjallajökull online, the Þórólfsfelli cam now has an infrared view so you can admire the earth's sometimes psychedelic choices day or night, clouds or no. Meanwhile the earth is also choosing to pump out oil through the hole we made in the bottom of the ocean. Whether and whenever BP manages to stop the flow, we have already destroyed the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Keys. We. Me.

Pay close attention now. See me get in my car soon and drive 90 minutes to get to where I want to be. When I give up recreational driving, Port Angeles will be a nice place to be stuck, I like it here very much. But it will mean I should have moved to an Actual-Outside-Ocean beach town to grow old in, small and lonely though such a place might have been in other senses.

Eyjafjallajökull frá Þórólfsfelli Cam (Click for larger image.)

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