Friday, May 28, 2010

Meta-Post 2 : Into It Now

I just shifted the images in September, 2008, to blogger/blogspot, and deleted them from my ISP. I see why I hesitated for so long before making the shift in November , 2008. Blogger's notion of a large-size anchor image is 400 pixels wide, and I had been making mine 500 pixels wide. Liked it better that way. Having done September 2008, I've thought of a way to trick blogger, but it's twice as much work per image. We'll see.

While I was in there I lost my head and made tags (labels) for pelicans, Lillian Ridge, and marmots. Until I edit all the other posts with pelicans or marmots in them, it won't be very effective. Shall I also put the label 'birds' on every post in which I go out to Ediz Hook to look for ducks? Oh mercy, I'm not going to have to touch all 530 posts for one reason or another, am I?

I'm a lot smarter than I was a couple or three hours ago, but I think I'll stop for now...

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robin andrea said...

I have contemplated going back five years and updating the old posts with tags. I think I did that once for the bobcat posts. I'm not sure I could do more. Although, one rainy day, it might make a great project.