Friday, April 30, 2010

Windy Day, with Dragonfly Wings

Thursday after work, after errands. It was still blue out, so off to Ediz Hook (map) again. It was windy enough to bring out the windsurfers, whipping back and forth, back and forth across the harbor.

Sailing in the harbor with one transparent wing (Click for larger image.)

A Crowley tug backed up to the British Laurel, turned her so her bow pointed out past the end of the Hook, then led her onto the Strait towards Puget Sound. CSCC Shanghai came in off the ocean, picked up a pilot, and followed Laurel eastward. The two Coast Guard cutters who had escorted a submarine west early in the afternoon —we'd watched through the college library's vast expanse of windows looking out over the Strait, passing the binoculars to each other, yes yes a conning tower— came back from the ocean and into the harbor.

British Laurel & Crowley Response (Click for larger image.)
CSCC Shanghai (Click for larger image.)

There were lupines, of all things, blooming by the place where the pilots park their cars. And the mountains were looking good.

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Sky said...

all of these are lovely. your post above about the garbage is so dishearening. i am reminded of the recent dead whale whose stomach was filled with garbage. :( thank you for picking it up.