Sunday, April 25, 2010


Mowing my way through the to-do list, and finally entered the beach surveys from 04/18, last Sunday, in the COASST database. No beached birds to record, of course, there haven't been any for months. Much as I feel that moment of reluctance when having to deal with the excitement and confusion of a feather-duster corpse to identify, at this point I'd like to find one occasionally just to confirm that if there were a dead bird to be found I would not overlook it. Hard to be sure you're paying attention when you're bored.

It was only a week ago, you'd think I could remember the air temperature, and whether there was wind, and other things I should record on the Marine Debris Monitoring Program Data Card; but momentarily I can't even remember whether I went around to First Beach afterwards to look for whales. Consulting the camera, it's clear why I didn't post about the day but promptly forgot it completely, procrastinated a week about doing the paperwork, and only just realized I should have recorded it here as well. The surf was flat, the light was flat. I got into portraits of pebbles and small wood pieces, since there was nothing else going on; but none of the photos came out. Yes I did go to First Beach and no there were no whales of course.

Seaweed and pebbles, Ellen Creek beach segment, 04/18/10 (Click for larger image.)
First Beach, James Island, La Push, absence of whales, 04/18/10

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