Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beautiful Evening, Too

Late in the day I went out on Ediz Hook (map). The wind was blowing like crazy. A visitor from Montana with a gigantic lens on his camera was stalking what turned out to be a couple of black oystercatchers. There was a largish mystery shorebird, a dunlin I think, in his quiet winter colors. Kayaker. Little sail boat. Polar Adventure out in the middle of the harbor. The ferry returned from Victoria. The tide was low. On the Strait side, a zone of mud-stirred-up water close along the rocks.

Polar Adventure and the ferry Coho, Port Angeles harbor (Click for larger image.)
Sailboat landing at the public dock (Click for larger image.)
Muddy water edges the blue windy Strait of Juan de Fuca (Click for larger image.)


robin andrea said...

Black oystercatchers are such beautiful birds. Only saw them a few times at the beach below Chetzemoka Park in Port Townsend.

mb said...

I like them because they're so easy to identify. :-) You're big, you have a red beak, pink feet, and that absolutely doofus eye-- who else could you be???