Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunny Morning Here

Sunny morning. View NNE. Neighborhood, Strait, Blue Sky (Click for larger image.)
Sunny morning. View SSE. Mount Angeles, Unicorn Peak, Hurricane Ridge. (Click for larger image.)

Yo, Park, I can see you up there. Clean the ice off the camera on Hurricane Ridge, plz. Thx.

Heard the ferry horn, he was five minutes late getting under way. (Yes, T., I have reformed and all ships are 'she' except our doughty ferry.)(It occurs to me suddenly that Little Toot was also a boy, no?) All this blue sky here (and up on the mountain so far as I can see) is a bit baffling. It's gray on the Lake Crescent cam.

Webcam at Lake Crescent (Click for larger image.)

Though it seemed to have rained a lot, a lot the past few days, and the precipitation and snow-water equivalent graph up on the Ridge responded:

Waterhole SnoTel (Click for larger image.)

there was almost no effect on the river, still running below average (which is in fact normal for an El Nino year spring...)

The Elwha River gauge at Macdonald Bridge (Click for larger image.)

Housekeeping required before I get to go anywhere or do anything today. Eeeee-too-bad.

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