Tuesday, March 02, 2010

March First, No Whales

Gray Whales Count on Coal Oil Point in Goleta, California, has counted 93 northbound whales so far this season. The American Cetacean Society northbound count at Point Vicente on the Paolos Verkes Peninsula (CA) is 136 as of yesterday. At La Push they started seeing whales a couple of weeks ago. These would all be the solo males (mothers and babies are still in the lagoons). Based on Orcanetwork reports (sighting map at bottom of page), the (mostly young male) gray whales that are resident in and around Puget Sound in the summers have begin to return.

So I went out to the Outer Coast after working a few hours at the tribe. At First Beach it was grey and windy; the waves were big. No hope of seeing whale blows under those conditions. And anyway they are only there when they're there.

... (Click for larger image.)

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