Monday, February 22, 2010

Rialto, Rialto, and Second Beach

We got in enough walking time for M. on Sunday by going to two beaches, first back to Rialto and along to Hole in the Wall (where I had been the day before, doing the February survey for COASST); then drove around to the trailhead for Second Beach, hiked down and walked that one.

Talked the whole time. Spectacular weather. We were very Happy and Contented, and I am very sad she is leaving.

The tiny person in the Hole in the Wall picture is M. heading for the further beach. I started back at my ambly pace; that way when she caught up to me she had had a good leg stretcher along the beach, and we had time for our chapter 2.

Hole in the Wall, Rialto Beach, February 21. (Click for larger image.)

Second Beach is spectacular. Thankyou to the Kalebergs for reminding me to go there.

... (Click for larger image.)

There is a huge log jam at the foot of the trail. Getting onto the beach and off again is extremely fraught with whining and instability (for fat old me). I ended up crawling over logs where everyone else was stepping confidently, and strangers kept offering to help me. I want to be young again.

On an amazing sunny warm day in earliest spring (and in a National Park), you have to share. Many many people on the beaches, even the walk-in beaches like Second Beach. That's ok. Better that people know and love the beautiful places.

Footprints on Second Beach. (Click for larger image.)
At Hole in the Wall, February 21.
At Second Beach, February 21

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