Monday, February 01, 2010

Grey Weather, Blue Weather

Sunday it rained very lightly for an hour or so when I got out on the beach, then slowly cleared up, and bits of blue appeared. Later the sun came out, and later still it got murky again. The tide seemed to stay high for a long time, which in fact Mr. Bascom (may his memory be ever-honored) explained in last night's reading: the wave of the tides is a sine curve.

There was a lot of foam, all clean and white. It was still rainy-ish at the height of the tide, and I somehow messed up all the pictures taken in the dimmer light before the sun came out.

Rialto Beach, January 31, 2010. (Click for larger image.)

Red alder log, buried in pebbles. (Click for larger image.)

Once again there were no birds anywhere out there, just none; no gulls, no corvids, no little flitty birds in the parking lot. What I thought was a duck out on the Quillayute River turned out to be a fishing float. There was however a large immobile eagle on a tree by Lake Crescent, looking more like an improbable sculpture than a real being; and a couple of swans in a wet area just off 101 east of Lake Sutherland. This is news. I've seen swans out in the Waatch meadows by Neah Bay, and across the Strait in Esquimalt Lagoon, and have been baffled why we don't see them like maybe in the harbor. This sighting brings them closer to town. Lovely rainbow close to where highway 110 meets US 101, which vanished utterly after I made the turn.

No elk. It occurs to me I have seen the west end elk herd once each in three different places. I continue to study the Prairies carefully each time I drive past them, in case there might be elk; but it might make more sense to look Everywhere Else.

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