Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trying to Go Out

7:03 AM. Gotta keep moving. My outdoor life is ruled by big inexorable forces; tide, weather and daylight predictions come together to mean I gotta do my beach surveys for COASST way early today; today's the only day possibly dry-ish for the forseeable future, but an 8.4 foot high tide at 12:38, and sunset being at 4:50 PM means I can't wait until after the high to start...

I dunno. Don't much feel like stirring out this minute, it's still DARK. Moreover, can't really get there early enough to do both little survey walks before the tide is chasing me up into the drift. I could just do it absolutely in the rain on Monday: lower high tide and later in the afternoon.

Now. Gotta move now, and here I am tied to my desk chair.

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