Friday, January 22, 2010

Looking for Ducks

I keep going down to the harbor "looking for ducks". What I'm actually looking for are my current favorites, the goldeneyes. No photos I can find on the web do them justice. There were some Barrow's Goldeneyes near the city pier when I went down to the OCNMS office last week. They are so beautiful. Better get my fill, soon they (and all the other ducks around the harbor) will be heading off to wherever they go in the summers, to nest.

Monday went out on Ediz Hook "to look for ducks" but though there were a few, watched ships instead. Bear Paw had dropped her crab pots right along the outside of the Hook and was checking them right in plain view of the shipwatchers. The two-man crew would come alongside a buoy, pull it up, bring the crab pot on board, throw back this and that, tie on a fresh pot, drop it in.

Bear Paw. Vancouver Island in the background. (Click for larger image.)

Italia Laguna, looking as if she had carefully composed her array of green and brown containers for visuals, hauled herself out of Puget Sound and headed for the ocean. The ferry departed for Victoria, one of the last runs before her 3-week winter drydock.

Italia Laguna with pilot boat (Click for larger image.)
M/V Coho (Click for larger image.)

Map, this time showing just a scrap of Ediz Hook: parked cars, pilot station, the small boat docks. If you zoom in you can see that the tide is very low, lower than I've ever seen it out there; and the 'cars' are actually all vehicles with empty boat trailers. There must have been a fishing opening on, and likely it was a weekend day when the satellite flew over. You can see two small boats at the public docks, and one of the pilot boats... Zoom out and eventually you can see Port Angeles itself.

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