Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Blame It On The Daylight (Absence of)

We are within two minutes of the sunset being as early as it gets. Yesterday and today, it set at 4:22 PM. From December 7th to 15th it will set at 4:20 PM. And then will begin the creep to longer afternoons. Thank the heavens.

I have a whole flock of blog posts lined up in my mind: about my week luxuriating in connection at Crestone; geographic meditations about the journey home; about the astonishing clear weather this week and how far you could see from up on the hill in the college library... but all I want to do at any given moment is lie around blasting through piles of library books one after the other, and at every given moment all phone calls, errands, blog compositions and floor moppings are postponed until tomorrow and tomorrow.

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