Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Good Start (Again)

The Waterhole Snotel up on Hurricane Ridge (which is really about 4 miles out along the Obstruction Point Road) shows that the infant water year is starting out with a nice bump, though actually last year this time precipitation was also a bit above normal, we had a big storm in December, and it nevertheless ended up sure enough a dry year.

Note the cheerful red precipitation line... (Click for larger image.)

Meanwhile, the rivers continue to go up and down, rainstorm to rainstorm...

Flow on the Elwha River (Click for larger image.)

Happy to have learned how to see an extended display like that. Can spend the winter noticing the effect of how much precipitation in a storm stops as snow in the high country, and thinking about what it will mean to flow levels as we have more warm storms, higher snow levels...

I had a page showing rainfall here at the airport, day by day for the current water year, but I've lost it. Will put in a link when I find it again. At least we can stop thinking about the Drought Monitor.

Later: Our precipitation averages via Western Regional Climate Center. Can only find the Weather Underground numbers for September (1.54 inches) and current water year to date (8.35 in. so far). I suppose we can assume WU is getting the numbers from the National Weather Service, and they do put 'em together pretty...

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