Thursday, October 29, 2009

Intermezzo (Second)

I didn't dream it. Went today to the Peninsula College library to meet with them, and I do indeed have a new part-time job. Home now to fill out lots of paperwork and round up several forms of ID, then back to turn in the formalities and all is in process.

I've been in Florida with family for a week; then had a 22-hour houseguest— already ensconced in the guest room before I even got home— to run all over the map with; then, well, hanging around in a state of suspense unable to post or write email or really do anything until today's meeting told me for sure the current shape of my life.

Not only do I start next week on Tuesday, but since my birthday is on Friday my new boss is eager to make me the occasion for a staff party. We're librarians. We give each other parties all the time...

Shortly will return this blog to its usual beachbunny programming,

Looking East Along the Strait from Pillar Point County Park, 10/27/09... (Click for larger image.)
though I do want to think about how to draw in a certain amount of librarianly content. Not much of what went on at the tribal library was mine to tell about. But I'm about to be learning about a whole new-to-me library world, academic libraries. And odds are I'll have things I want to tell.

First draft said 'They're librarians." Changed it to "We..."

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Anonymous said...

And I for one can't wait to hear more about the new job world. Happy B'day a few days early!

Love, Sally