Saturday, September 19, 2009

Could, Would, Should

What I could do today is rendezvous with WR, a really skilled birder, to help him survey Third Beach. Third Beach will be just about the heart of darkness for this bird wreck. The problem is there's a longish access hike to get to the beach, and a longer stretch of beach to survey. Slow hiker that I am, and with not much stamina, I'm not sure I would be an asset as a helper. He's a pro, a wildlife biologist for WDFW (though in this instance functioning as a COASST volunteer).

I suspect I would just slow him down, and he can record and tag a skillion surf scoters without any help from me. Should I go anyway? Am I just talking myself out of it out of laziness, or being realistic?

Whichever, gotta call him soon.

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