Thursday, July 16, 2009

Red Ship and Green Ship

V. arrived this afternoon. We talked a bunch, went out for supper, and then out on Ediz Hook for a perfect blue evening. There was a red container freighter hovering, waiting for her pilot: the Cap Palliser. Cap then steamed on into the Sound, on its way to Seattle. Come to find out (and I sure hope that link works so you can see it) it was in Brisbane, Australia, until June 24, at Ensenada July 12/13, in Oakland July 14/15, and passing by here making me happy around 7-ish this evening.

Cap Palliser. V. got a great picture but it's locked up in her camera) (Click for larger image.)

The elephant seal has moved on, though her bit of shore was still blocked off by barriers and all the crab fisherman were using the other dock to launch and land. We heard from a fisherman that it's a bumper year for crab. There was a beautiful green ship in the harbor, the tanker Golden State, but I didn't get a picture of it. It was windy, and walking out onto the floating boat dock was an adventure of heaving boards and water splashing up. The mountains were extremely clear.

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Sky said...

that last photo is great. :)