Friday, July 03, 2009

Eagle Manifestation

Wednesday, KF left. We had the morning, and went out to complete our view of the Elwha River by visiting the mouth of the river, and the Lower Elwha Klallam rez. As we were getting ready to leave the mouth of the river, we had a terrific eagle manifestation, two of them. Eagles were the one thing she asked for that I hadn't managed to deliver, and it was nearly the last minute, but in best tourguide manner I managed it. :-)

Strait Meets River (Click for larger image.)
West bank of the Elwha River (Click for larger image.)
Bald Eagle on cobble island in the mouth of the Elwha River (Click for larger image.)

1 comment:

Sky said...

wow - you and your magic! and, of course, mother nature! what a culmination of perfection! i am so glad you guys had such a great time. i take it the pacific northwest gained a new fan? :)