Monday, May 25, 2009

Time Trial

The first thing on our agenda when PH and SA come next month is to go tidepooling at Salt Creek. So I ran a time trial yesterday to work out how long it will take to get out there. 28 minutes. :-) It was high tide, everywhere we will be walking was covered with water.

High Tide at Tongue Point, Salt Creek County Park (Click for larger image.)

Impossible to imagine what it might be like about midmorning on the 10th of June. I did find a low-tide satellite image, but I don't think a -1.2 tide will be nearly as low as that. We can only hope that the weather will be like it was yesterday afternoon.

Crescent Bay, Salt Creek County Park (Click for larger image.)

Then I went home and started another DVD burning for the grand post-harddisk-crash backup (my poor old PC is very slow at DVD burning, plenty of time for expeditions while it churns...) and headed out again, onto Ediz Hook. The cruise ship flock swam by, Norwegian Pearl, then Star Princess, then Westerdam.

Star Princess (Click for larger image.)

Polar Enterprise is still looming over the terminal on the town side of the harbor, and Fesco Amderma is moored out in the middle. There was a lot of eagle action; the gulls would start screaming and carrying on, and if you looked around one or two eagles, juvenile or adult, would be cruising by or dipping down towards the inner shore of the Hook.

Juvenile eagle with Port Angeles Harbor & Olympic Mountains (Click for larger image.)
Eagle (closer) (Click for larger image.)

One of the failed eagle pictures is a pretty good picture of Amderma. She's Russian. And in February she was in Antarctica resupplying Casey Station !! (see this livejournal entry) as they got ready to settle in to their winter. (I think the journal writer's name is Liam; his most recent entry is dynamite.)

Eagle, with Fesco Amderma (Click for larger image.)

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Sky said...

fab photos. your friends will be amazed at the seascapes and landscapes here if they have not been here before! june is usually magnificent weather.