Monday, August 11, 2008

West End

Continuing to frolic around with S. We spent the weekend in the West End, beginning by rolling her wheelchair around the accessible bits of the Hoh Rain Forest in the rain, rain, rain, of which all the photos are locked up in her camera because it ran out of juice and we don't have a charger cord. This is the height of the Olympic National Park season, the visitor center was swarming with families sheltering from the rain, or traipsing off into the Hall of Mosses in lightweight ponchos knotted up at the bottom to keep the little kids from being entirely encased and walking in circles on their own gear.

Then out to have dinner in the Quileute Reservation's restaurant on the harbor at La Push, where miraculously the sun came out. What's fresh tonight? Only halibut at the moment. Ok, halibut. But while we were eating a fisherperson came in with a gigantic salmon, flourished it aloft, and then vanished into the kitchen; everyone applauded, and all the diners who hadn't ordered yet ordered salmon. Then we drove over to the parking area on the low bluff between the ocean waves coming in at First Beach and the river mouth, and watched the sun. drop. right. into. the. ocean. between Gunsight Rock and Little James Island.

Sunset, Gunsight Rock at La Push (click for larger image)
Sunset, Little James Island at La Push (click for larger image)

Stayed the night in Forks.

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