Monday, August 18, 2008

L111, Isis, the New Baby Orca

The Center for Whale Research has wonderful photographs of the newborn orca, L111. Sometimes we don't know for years what gender a new orca is, but she kindly showed her underside to the camera this week only three days after she was born.


Sky said...

for 5 years we have hoped to see orcas. each time we try they are out in the pacific instead of in the waters of the san juans! we are going to try again within the next couple of weeks. thanks so much for sharing these photos of the baby! i would be thrilled to see the little angel! did you see the ones of her just after she was born when she was orange looking in color?

mb in Port Angeles said...

Sky, do you know about Orca Network's email list. Keeps you posted about sightings if the Southern Residents click on the 'Join our sightings list' button. If they're hangin' around San Juan Islands, or instead were just seen heading out past Sekiu, you'll hear about it.

PS I think the photos were so good because they were taken from a research boat with a license to get closer than whalewatch boats are allowed.