Sunday, August 03, 2008


Wow. The sky is perfectly clear, the mountains are perfectly clear, the hills beyond Sooke over there in Canada are sticking up behind the green house across the alley — but the fog on the Strait not six blocks away is so thick that the foghorns are going... and you know, I'm not sure I knew we have foghorns. Looking at NOAA chart #18468, I can see one foghorn mapped at the end of the Hook. I wonder where the other one is. I hear at least two.

And yesterday this time, no fog on our side of the Strait, instead there was that sun dropping right to the water. Now I think that what drew me out to the Hook yesterday evening was the unaccustomed sight of freighters passing the bottom of the street. I think the water has mostly been obscured with mists even on the sunny days. And even yesterday there was fog on the water to the north. I couldn't see Victoria, indeed couldn't see Coho when he was within half an hour of arrival; that the big cruise ships appeared out of mists yesterday was hard to pay attention to, since our own water was glittering in the sun all the way to the horizon to the north of west.

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bookinista said...

It's so hard for me to remember that I have access like this to your world. I must make it a habit to do this every morning. It makes a world of difference to my quality of life. I tend to keep to my little worry bubble and forget forget. But look at this loved-one's life! It is wide and cool and moist and active. I must make it my touchstone.