Wednesday, July 02, 2008


A couple of days ago, out on the Hook. Pilot boat went out into the Strait and put a pilot on the inbound Overseas Los Angeles, a tug went out to join her, pilot boat returned to berth. I thought they were headed into Puget Sound, but Overseas LA and escort tug proceeded into the harbor, passed several other moored tankers, and parked with Klahane Ridge in the background. Pilot boat went out into the harbor and retrieved the pilot. I was never able to read the name of the tug.

Threesome. Tug at port bow, pilot boat approaching ladder. Click for larger image.

Portrait of a Foss tug. Can't remember what scrap of paper I scribbled its name on. Blue structure in the background is a chip loader. Behind it, the bluff at the foot of my neighborhood. Skyline shows Unicorn Peak and Hurricane Hill.

Foss tug. Click for larger image.

Holiday week in both countries on the Strait, Canada Day yesterday, Independence Day on Friday. A flotilla of wooden sailing "tall ships" including a replica of the Bounty were here in harbor, en route to or from Victoria, sailing around islands, reappearing in the harbor a few days later. Not as tall as the behemoth tankers, not as doughty as Coho. Not an effort to bring back and carry forward, as are the northwest tribal canoes we will soon be seeing out on the water. It didn't seem worth rushing down to the dock to look at them.

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