Saturday, July 19, 2008

Canoes on the Move

My work email is filling up with messages about the movement of the canoes coming from the southeast corner of Puget Sound, already on the water. They're at Suquamish tonight. Port Gamble Sunday, Port Townsend Monday, Jamestown Tuesday, gathering more canoes as they go. We are expecting about 25 canoes, maybe 1100 guests including the support vehicles and families and elders associated with each canoe of pullers, on Wednesday evening. Protocol and drumming and dancing at the Tribal Center into the wee hours, but they will first land in front of the Red Lion Motel on Port Angeles Harbor, the stretch of shore called Hollywood Beach, where the village of Y'Innis was. It's the tribe's annual reminder to the town that once the whole shore, as far west as Hoko, was theirs...

All the canoes staging here cross the Strait and land at Songhees on Friday the 25th; paddle onward; and join all the canoes coming along four other routes for the grand landing at Cowichan on Monday, the 28th....

I usually keep work out of this blog as being mostly not mine to write about. Still not mine, but you bet I will be on the beach on Wednesday, helping to welcome the canoes... Canoe Journey link. Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe.

Canoe Journey Map (Click for larger image.)

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