Sunday, June 01, 2008

Small Tidal Range, Not Much Surf

Receding Tide, Rialto Beach. Click for larger image.

Three weeks since last ocean visit; such a relief to be there, listening. Listening to a fairly quiet slosh of water coming and going. People walking. One eagle. One duck barely sighted (first glance seemed to be a grebe, but the beak looked like a merganser, disappeared before sorted out). Walked along in the swash, unwilling to run away from the waves, eventually getting wet well above my boot tops.

Sitting on a pebble dune, reading; dry to the knees, then damp to the hips; book in one hand, the other sifting the small cobbles, adding one ever-so-smooth seductive stone after another to my shirt pocket. Brain engaged, but fingers in love with fine-grained dark rock.

Receding Tide, Rialto Beach

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