Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mrs. Anna's

Hummingbird yesterday, towards sunset. On the feeder by the front door, not the new one. A female, maybe an Anna's. The first in a couple of weeks. Birdweb says,

Migration Status. Anna's Hummingbird migration has been described as a succession of movements and temporary residences wherever suitable flowers and feeders are found. In Washington, Anna's Hummingbird appears throughout the year. It is unclear whether this is due to migration or whether the birds we see in January are the same as those we see in June.

Conservation Status. Historically limited to western California, in recent years Anna's Hummingbirds have dramatically expanded their range northward as far as British Columbia. This expansion has been attributed to hummingbird feeders and gardens with exotic flowers that provide the birds with a year-round food source. Climate change may also play a role. They are currently very common across much of their range, and because they adapt well to suburban areas, should continue to thrive in the future.


James said...

you should have more comment
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--Jim Patterson

mb in Port Angeles said...

Hey Jim! What a surprise! Are you still in Seattle? Send me an email.