Friday, June 27, 2008

All Over the Map

M.C. is visiting. Thursday we went to Rialto Beach, and walked to Hole in the Wall in a light rain that gradually let up; on the way back we saw something neither of us had ever seen before: a deer on the beach. Then for geographic thoroughness we went around to the river mouth on the La Push side, and watched the bald eagles perching around on snags and drift logs, waiting for fish.

Always the same place
The space between the rocks

Across the hills and back along the Strait by 113 and 112. Lots of cow parsnip and foxglove on the roadsides. Also stupendous lots of Scotch broom, but that's highly invasive and pernicious, and it's bad form to appreciate it. We detoured to try to get a glimpse of Salt Creek Farm where our veggies come from; but fierce dogs chased us away.

From there bypassed home and straight out onto Ediz Hook where we shipwatched gleefully, watched the harbor as the pilot boat whisked out to Alaskan Frontier very nearby, watched the pilot go up the ladder, watched the anchor chain slowly pulled up, watched the tug push the ship 180 degrees around so it was heading in the right direction, and watched the tug and the ship start slowly towards the harbor mouth and the Sound, too busy with the binoculars to think of taking pictures...

NOAA boat near the Quileute River mouth

Map begins in town because we had a post office errand before we could start, and ends out on the Hook, and shows us larking all around the West End in between.

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