Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Always the Same Place

On Monday (last day in Santa Fe), went up the Pecos River with P.H. I have been there so many times, taken so many photographs along the river; in every season, the same pictures over and over; with friends, by myself, walking, reading; summer fall winter spring.

There was lots of water in the river, it was flowing right up to the tree root where I used to usually sit except when it was hot and I'd sit on a chair right in the river, right there); the river made me take off my shoes and sit there for a while with my feet in the water, though it was way too cold still for wet feet. Then put my shoes back on, and we wandered down to where Rio Mora flows in. Listened to the river. Admired how much water was heaping by.

Pecos River, above the confluence with Rio Mora

Then we came back to town. There were more people to see, and final goodbyes to make. In the morning I flew home.

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