Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Volunteer Lady

Turned up at the public library this afternoon to do a little indexing of the local paper—alas I am presently the only one doing it, and I only get one or two papers a week done, so we are ever further behind. I usually manage only one paper per session, 'cause it's just too deathly boring. But today there was also another lady in the volunteer cubicle. She was folding brochures; humming to herself and radiating humankindness as she sat there. Occasionally we talked. She got up after an hour and walked around with her cane, came back, set herself to fold 75 more brochures. It was altogether pleasant and companionable, and kept me awake twice as long as usual.

It remains ten degrees colder than normal, and raining on and off. Clearing over the Strait at the moment, mountain covered in cloud. The days are getting longer really fast. Photos taken from the deck.

Evening clearing. Fruit trees blooming in the neighborhood. Click for wider image.

The vacant lot across the street. Mostly Arbutus menziesii. It's so-o-o nice to be back in Pacific madrone country.

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