Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Continuing Not To See Cetacea

On Monday, spent yet another day practicing my current favorite sport: failing to see Eschrichtius robustus (gray whales) from shore along the NW Washington coast. At M.'s suggestion I was on the bluff south of Ruby Beach. Thought I would try a wider/further view rather than stubbornly hanging out on First Beach where they hypothetically come in near the shore. Nope. No Cetacea. Lots of ocean, though. I'm not complaining; listening to waves, watching breakers and whitecaps, scanning far and near with my binoculars. What's not to love??

Great bald eagle action, one kept launching from behind some trees and cruising low over the bluff where I was parked. An Australian tourist saw me with my binoculars and stopped to ask if I was seeing whales. Well, no. He had just been at La Push, where he had been told that ordinarily the whales come in close to the beach beginning this weekend, but they had seen only far distant blows.

My friend I. says, "Good luck on seeing whales. I never have been able to convince myself that seeing a whale blow is a bona-fide whale sighting." Not to worry, I., haven't seen any whale spoutings. Friends from the desert have contrived to get themselves in the path of the gray whale migration this season, E. at San Ignacio Lagoon and P. at Cabo San Lucas. Back home in the interior, they tell me about it. But me, here? Nope nope nope.

Will try again Saturday.

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