Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eschrichtius robustus

... gray whales not at all visible with grey surf and blowing spray, not to mention rain pouring down and wind blowing.

M. thinks instead of stubbornly returning to First Beach where I have already several times not seen them this season, next time I should go further down the coast to the place near Ruby Beach where you can pull off the highway on a bluff and look out over the water from above. Makes sense; it's just that it's further to drive only to end up not seeing Cetacea. Also I could try doing it in better weather.

Not that it's altogether clear how the presence or absence of 30-ton animals could be subtle. At least if I'm pulled off the highway on a bluff I will be out of the weather, and even if its raining I can sit reading a book between stints of scanning for spouts and bits of whale backs.

First Beach in a storm

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Lizzie said...

Keep an eye out for "my" whales -- the mamas and babies and escorts and buddies I saw when I was down Baja way, this March, 2008. I watched and admired and stroked some of them while I was at the San Ignacio Lagoon beautiful and gentle and well, profound. Hope they all make it to their feeding grounds up North.
Thanks for your fine blog!