Monday, February 11, 2008

Winter Wanders On

Went out to the ocean yesterday. Needed my saltwater fix, and the Strait wouldn't do. So I studied the infrared weather radar image and decided there was going to be one of those magical spaces between storms. Wrong. It rained most of the time. In between showers I pulled the camera out from under the poncho and tried to capture what it was like.

High tide. Rain. There was the sound of the waves — the minute I arrived in the parking lot and heard them pounding on the foreshore I was already satisfied. Despite blue-ish cast of photos it was gray gray gray, everything was gray except the white foam. At the peak of the tide, the whole shore zone was carpeted with foam...

Tomorrow going out to the Elwha with M., in lieu of a supper date. She emailed, "Maybe we can see the elk come up from the river. If not elk, we can see the river."

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samcandide said...

These are gorgeous. I'm going to link to them. I feel better just looking at them.