Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Here (Another Step)

I put a deposit on a rental house this afternoon.

I don't think it's necessarily a good thing that I have re-organized my ENTIRE LIFE to be closer to water. I mean, up until this year I'd have said that my life was organized around what the commune I once lived in called karma yoga, and what in my Buddhist life was called Right Livelihood.

And I threw it up in the air and ran like hell for the NW corner, 1400 miles away, risking all just to get closer to the ocean. That it worked out, that I was able to reach out and again catch hold of my librarianly identity when I got here, was accidental good fortune.

I've been in this new life long enough that everydayness has nearly taken over. Work, read, errands. Hanging around, looking out the (agreed: quite satisfactory) windows. I managed to head for the salt water one place or another three days in a row last week; but before that it had been a while...

Found this nice webcam page. Some familiar views of Here, or anyway Hereabouts; some new ones.

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