Monday, February 04, 2008

Blue Sky Ocean

Wildly schizophrenic weather Saturday. I was out in the beautiful blue sky sunshine at Rialto Beach for several hours. An eagle or two. Seals in the Quileute River back behind the beach. Headed home all happy and peaceful with plenty of time to get home before dark.

But it was snowing as I came through the Park along Lake Crescent, dim and dusky well before sunset; and between Lake Crescent and Lake Sutherland it was suddenly snowing so heavy and cold that cars were skidding off the road. I was going really slowly, but when I tried to pull over to help some people who were off the road with their emergency blinkers on, myself drifted gently almost off. One wheel. Luckily nobody was hurt in any of the cars in the ditch, people were just waiting for tow trucks; and there were therefore several vigorous young men around to push my car and get my right front wheel back onto solid pavement. I put on the chains and creeped onward in the dusk and dark.

In the morning, around town and along the shore, the new snow and ice had vanished.

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