Monday, January 28, 2008

Charisma of a Small Mammal

Cover story in the Tacoma newspaper today (saw it in the airport); and lots of other news stories. (1)(2)(3) Charming photos of kids from the Stevens Middle School helping to release fishers up on the Elwha River. The first eleven fishers to be reintroduced were trapped near Williams Lake, BC, and are the first of a planned total of 100 to be released in the Elwha, Sol Duc, Hoh, Bogacheil, Queets and Quinault basins.

"Some of the fishers released Sunday were backpacked into the wilderness..." These are elusive, secretive critters. They streak across the release photos, and are gone; it's not likely we'll ever see one. But they'll be there, again, as they once were.

Photo borrowed from the Olympic National Park website:

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